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 I have so much gratitude in MY heart for MY clients



Paisley’s facials are the best I’ve ever had. My skin is radiant for weeks after each session. But these sessions are so much more than a facial. Paisley offers a unique touch and presence that is deeply nourishing to my nervous system and spirit. I get a monthly facial with Paisley because it is systemically restorative and medicinally relaxing, not to mention healthy, glowing skin for weeks! Thank you, Paisley. You are a treasured part of my health care team.


Katie V. - Asheville, NC


Paisley's work is amazing! She is a gentle and gifted practitioner and receiving a facial from her nourished both my body and spirit. I had no idea that a facial could be so encompassing and healing, it's really hard to call it a "facial"... it's a total wellness treatment! I can not say enough good things about Paisley and her work. I left her space feeling peaceful and centered. I have very sensitive skin and her natural and organic products left my skin hydrated and soft. Paisley takes her time and checked in with me in a non-distracting, but consistent manner to assure my experience was what I needed. I think that's really important when you are providing care that includes so much physical touch. Her diverse education in the healing arts, experience, intuition, and compassion for people really shines through in her work.


Nancy A.- Black Mountain, NC


I gratefully received the Divinity Facial from Paisley at Sacred Sisters Wellness Center. I honestly felt like a goddess who had been anointed at the temple. My entire being was elevated from our session. My skin and my spirit felt so nourished and renewed and I am very much looking forward to having this experience again soon! 


Tricia B. - Black Mountain, NC


Paisley is so talented and gifted. I have had the privilege of receiving a facial from Paisley, and I left both feeling physically and mentally refreshed with an overall feeling of bliss. I am forever grateful for Paisley and would highly recommend her to anyone!


Therie S. - Black Mountain, NC


Facials with Paisley are an experience like no other. Between the amazing skincare, the energy work, the massage -  I can't decide what's my favorite part! The place is beautifully decorated, filled with good vibes and just puts me at ease. Paisley has a magical touch and is clearly working in her zone of genius.


Julie B. - Black Mountain, NC





101 South Cotton Ave

Black Mountain, NC 28711

By appointment only

No drop-ins.


(Holistic Skin Care & Energy Work)

Tel: 347-731-8284

As you can see in the map below, the Sacred Sisters Wellness Studio is conveniently located in a private studio space only a 1/2 mile outside of Black Mountain. Please set up an appointment today.  Looking forward to seeing you!

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