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Welcome, Lyndsey Azlynne • Massage & Private Yoga

Sacred Sisters is excited to announce that the wonderful Lyndsey Azlynne will be officially joining our exceptional team of practitioners.

Lyndsey is a dreamer, a lover and a rebel at heart...

Lyndsey's deep rooted passion for the wisdom and the innate resilience of the human body has fueled her work as a massage therapist for the past 11 years, as well as her yoga practice that began over 20 years ago. Movement is a part of Lyndsey's every day life, as she has found its the most direct link to connect with her body and her heart. She loves to offer others the opportunity to do the same.

Lyndsey Azlynne is a yoga teacher, a massage therapist, a Qoya teacher and co-owner of the local Dobra Tearooms in the Asheville, NC area. Lyndsey’s classes, workshops, trainings and retreats are a unique invitation to sink into the wisdom of your own body through the pulse of your breath and your body’s movements through unique soundscapes and fluid flow.

Lyndsey’s massages are nurturing warm and an opportunity for a deep reset. One client said it was like “being wrapped in a cocoon of unconditional love!” Her unique style is a culmination of her studies in various massage modalities, energy work, energetic anatomy and her own intuitive touch. No two massages are the same, as Lyndsey meets you in each moment, and caters each session to your specific needs and wishes.

Lyndsey's educational background includes holistic lifestyle studies, dance, yogic philosophy, herbalism, esoteric anatomy, many modalities of massage therapy, reiki, tea studies, ayruvedic and chinese medicine and more. Lyndsey calls the mountains of Black Mountain, NC home, and offers classes, workshops, massage therapy, trainings and retreats locally, and all over the world!

You can see her on Wednesday’s for massage and private yoga sessions at Sacred Sisters. Here is her website for booking information:

Photo credit: Emily Nichols Photography

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